All IN!


Never done that before!   Audio  Notes   9.11.16 (Noah)

Three Amigos   Audio     Notes     9.18.16 (Abraham) pt.1

Two Amigos   Audio     Notes     9.25.16 (Abraham) pt.2

One Amigo   Audio     Notes     10.16.16 (Abraham) pt.3

Life in Phases   Audio     Notes     10.23.16 (Moses)

To Obey or Not to Obey…that is the question!   Audio     Notes  11.06.16

Rahab: Pagan Prostitute to ancestral Mother of the Messiah   Audio     Notes  11.13.16

Esther: The hand of God   Audio     Notes  11.20.16

A Five Letter Word that Changes Everything   Audio     Notes  11.27.16

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