Jesus is______________.


In our previous Series Heaven? we thought about Heaven and recognized in each topic that the central focus of Heaven is Jesus. Last week we looked at our tendency to make it Jesus AND____. It is not just us but believers before have struggled with the very same issue. The book of Hebrews was written to “Jesus and Christians” 2000 years ago, go figure. The case is convincingly made that we need nothing more than Jesus. He is all we need. But, who is he? In this series of messages up to Thanksgiving, we will look at Jesus. What are some of the most significant qualities Jesus brings to the table that we need to consume to live? As we “eat” of Him, we will be Thankful. Titles include:

Here 12.21.14  Notes

Promise  Notes

A Man 11.16.14  Notes

Action 11.9.14  Notes

Greater 11.2.14  Notes

Rest 10.26.14  Notes

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